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According to Yash, the demand for Khadi globally is around $4-5 billion and the major countries buying the fabric are Japan, Europe, US and UK, where it is used for furnishing as well as garment making. Ritu Kumar believes that the designing has to be simple when making garments out of Khadi.” With the introduction of solar-powered charkhas, the production has China Rectangle PVC placemat Manufacturers gone up from 8 to 16%. So now, the production has become a challenge. When it’s woven in a handloom, the fabric gets a non-regimented, rough, rustic texture, which cannot be achieved by any other country or any other place unless they go through the handspun process. In order to overcome the challenge, a new kind of Khadi has come into the market called ‘Poly Khadi’.

Yash Arya, founder of I Am Khadi says, “Since PM Narendra Modi started promoting Khadi globally, the demand has increased. “The thing is that we aren’t producing as much Khadi as we want in the country.end-ofTags: khadi clothes, lakme fashion week. Today, almost 100 years later, Khadi continues to be the pride of our country.Images for representational purposes only. Also, because most of the fabric is handmade, there are inconsistencies in the quality and production speed of the fabric. Although an indigenous industry, Khadi making has undergone a significant amount of changes over the years, as there has been a reduction in the number of people working in the industry. Now it has been innovated on and a motor, which works on solar energy, has been fitted. Ritu Kumar believes that if popularised, the Khadi industry can create more employment opportunities for the poor.

The silhouettes should not be restricted to kurtas and Nehru jackets, but should be expanded to contemporary wear so that modern men and women can make the garments a part of their everyday wardrobe. This gives it an uneven quality.THE ASIAN AGE. One person cannot work for hours without a break. Another innovation in the Khadi industry has been the introduction of the New Model Charkha (NMC) with eight to 16 spindles. He says, “The original NMC is operated by hand. In this, an alternate thread is used, one made by the machine and one woven by hand and the hand to machine ratio is 66:33. Also, the women who are making this fabric are in the age group of 35-40 years, because the younger generation isn’t joining this industry.” As the fashion industry looks for sustainable options, Khadi is quickly becoming a sought-after favourite. Hence, the industry was forced to innovate.

Since the fabric is created by yarn spun by hand, it has a rough texture. The government has to initiate more sources of income because this gives work to the poor in villages. Our country too can use more Khadi, as it’s the biggest consumer of fabrics in the world,” she concludes.Khadi became an important part of the freedom struggle after Mahatma Gandhi championed its use during the Swadeshi movement. Known as the fabric of India, this age-old fabric has undergone significant changes to make it a part of the contemporary fashion world. And the benefit of Poly Khadi is that it is more uniform, has better strength, is more sanitized and the quality is also superior.

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