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Over 70 weavers are said to have committed suicide in Varanasi due to the vicious cycle of debt and poverty. Many of them live below the poverty line. The weavers are given credit by middlemen and/or traders for the purchase of raw materials like yarn, threads or zari.According to the data from the ministry of textiles, there are 43. In post-Independent India, successive governments have taken special measures to protect and promote India’s rich handloom textile industry through legislative and institutional mechanisms, tax incentives and other financial measures; by setting up cooperatives and linkages for marketing the products, by reserving products within handloom categories to eliminate competition with mass-produced textiles and through various other methods.

For the first time in Independent India, khadi has been taxed under GST. Out of these 43. With demonetisation, the cash disappeared and credit stopped. At one stroke, a millennia-old tradition was reversed.end-ofTags: handloom, gst, demonetisation, mahatma gandhi, handloom industry.The Indian textile industry is one of the world’s oldest. Super-fine cotton fabric called muslin, known in ancient Rome as ventus textilis (the woven wind), was a highly-coveted item.

In India, the colonial administration not only discouraged the indigenous textile industry, but flooded the Indian market with cheap mill-produced Lancashire textiles.PHandloom is not merely an economic activity. By a rough estimate, 61 per cent of weavers work independently, 34 per cent work under master weavers, and China vinyl tufted car carpet Manufacturers only five per cent work through cooperatives and clusters. Demonetisation hit all small and medium-scale industries in the informal sector, but the handloom sector suffered an even bigger blow

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