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Here Comes The rRevelation

“He is normal, I am normal. Ten trees like the ten fingers with which we women can hold our own destinies firmly in our hands. I laughed while writing it. This gentle narrative of two sisters seeking solace in each other’s company in the winter of their lives finds resonance in Tina’s own happy world. The writing is simple, lucid and evocative. And here comes the revelation. She is better known as Twinkle or Mrs Funnybones (her best selling debut novel), that seriously gave many intellectually arrogant authors several sleepless nights. In fact we had a bet as to what I would have, I wanted a daughter.

His mom, who is a lot like me, is decisive and independent. There is an China vinyl tufted car carpet Manufacturers instant emotional connect with her stories, because behind those endearing sentiments, often couched in witty words, lies the heart of a sensitive writer. It is about being each other’s cheerleaders. She is a lot like me, you see yourself through someone else, the only way of being immortal.This just reiterates the first line of this story. A lot of people get lost in this world of spotlight. In reality, Tina works with a group called Rastaa Chaap and they get together to paint dead trees.

There is no attempt to impress and Tina’s voice is as friendly as your next-door neighbour. She is as uncomplicated as her writing.Akshay Kumar and Twinkle KhannaThere is something about Tina Khanna. I lost the bet 14 years back when my son was born. My mother never brought up mine or my sister’s birth or my father felt any different.” And just as it appeared like her book was done, she chanced upon this true story of Murugappa in a newspaper.

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