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The red bindi or kumkum on the forehead is surrounded by white painted designs representing the sun and moon, or a flower. It also serves to articulate the foot movement for the viewing audience. Her guru, Kelucharan Mohapatra, then designed a tailored costume so that the divided pantaloon could be easily stepped out of. Many of the ornaments described in the Abhinaya Chandrika continue to be used in the dance as well as in daily life. Pulling the hair back and tying it at the back of the head, then pulling the hair through, around, and over a large ring to give fullness to the shape, creates the beautiful hairstyle.

The beautifully woven silk saris of Orissa, its silver filigree ornaments and pith flowers, are the trademark accompaniments to the dance of Orissa. A fabric is fastened around the hips from behind which define the hipline. Maharis, who danced in the temple, typically wore black velvet bodices with the sari wrapped from the waist down. Many costumes include the unique single and double Ikat tie-dyed and woven patterns of Orissa which traveled to Southeast Asia from this outdoor and indoor pvc doormat Suppliers state. This is occasionally combined with a braid of hair plaited down the back, if the dancer chooses to follow the Mahari tradition. She can be contacted at sharonlowen.

Over the years, various styles of tailoring the sari into the costume were developed. Various artists have incorporated several variations on the length or angle of the front fan in the design, but the main distinction is the vertically draped front or the knee-to-knee fanned out cloth. The soft, white, inner stalk of the shola pith, which grows throughout Orissa and Bengal, is a unique regional craft. Abhinaya Chandrika, the Sanskrit text specifically on Oriya dance, gives a great deal of detail on the makeup, costume and ornaments of the dancer. The Oriya Mahabharata, written by Sarla Das in the 15th century, gives a detailed description of Prince Arjuna dressed as Bruhannari during his year disguised as a dance teacher. Everything from the indigenous silk sari to the bangles and bells, are described in the text

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