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The Sense Of Peace

This year the art world lost four important artists Wholesale Rectangle PVC placemat and I want to remember the happy interactions that I had with them. Be it the mothers’ sarees, grandmothers’ sarees, or their own sarees given by someone special, worn for a particular occasion, bought from a particular place…the list is endless as are the tales connected to the saree. Happy New Year!Dr Alka is an art writer, curator and artist and can be contacted on alkaraghuvanshi@yahoo.

While the tapestries of works by Picasso and other artists that he saw during visits to Europe, were the trigger point of his desire to see his work in woven form, undoubtedly the form and content and masterly treatment of this collaboration is rooted in the indigenous and is completely Indian in form.The foremost bunny that comes out of the mixed bag is that finally the bogey of the galleries is done and over with.

In Delhi, which was the absolute Mecca of galleries, many shut down. It is a shared dream to see increasing number of women wear woven sarees on a day to day basis and we tell all our friends to don them and not wait for some ceremonial occasion.But as they say, life goes on. VasudevAmong the highlights of this year were artist Satish Gupta’s show Zen Space that was impressive for his highly fine tuned aesthetics and the sense of peace he is able to convey through his Buddhas. What business the participants and artists eventually do and what profit they are able to garner is not the responsibility of the organizers and they should not feel pressured about it.G.This also became clearer post demonetisation that the entire business came to a grinding halt.

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