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Asking Him To Fix

About a mile from the National Mall, police gave chase to a group of about 100 protesters who smashed the windows of downtown businesses, including a Starbucks, a Wholesale Rectangle PVC placemat Bank of America and a McDonald39;s, as they denounced capitalism and Trump. carrying two signs: one asking Trump to stop tweeting, and one asking him to fix, not trash, the Obamacare health law."When some crossed police lines, taunting, "Put the pigs in the ground," police charged with batons, pepper spray and stun grenades, which are used to shock and disperse crowds."Joy Rodriguez, of Miami, arrived with her husband, William, and their two daughters, ages 12 and 10.

Police briefly ordered ball guests to remain inside their hotel as they worked to contain advancing protesters."They began to destroy property, throw objects at people, through windows.Many arrived wearing hand-knit pink "pussyhats" -a message of female empowerment aimed squarely at Trump39;s demeaning comments about women.The march attracted significant support from celebrities.m.Women and other groups were demonstrating across the nation and as far abroad as Myanmar and Australia. One organizer said hatred, bigotry and racism are not only America39;s problems. (Photo: AP)Washington: Determined to push back against the new president, thousands of women descended on the capital Saturday for a march aimed at showing Donald Trump they won39;t be silent over the next four years."There are parts of it that do need change.Six officers suffered minor injuries, he said.

Organizers of the Women39;s March on Washington expected more than 200,000 people to turn out for a more orderly show of force than the chaos created by self-described anarchists who took to the streets on Inauguration Day in a series of clashes that led to more than 200 arrests. The promised performance lineup included Janelle Monae, Maxwell, Samantha Ronson, the Indigo Girls and Mary Chapin Carpenter.March organizers said women are "hurting and scared" as the new president takes office and want a greater voice for women in political life. A large percentage of this small group was armed with crowbars and hammers," said the city39;s interim police chief, Peter Newsham."

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Difficult To Lose Belly Fat

Switch to whole grain alternatives that release energy slowly. STRESS: Stress results in increased secretion of the hormone called cortisol, which increases belly fat. Keep your outdoor and indoor pvc doormat Manufacturers blood sugar levels and energy levels stable by eating regularly.A number of diseases, some of which are even fatal, are attributed to abdominal obesity. Avoid any foods that make your blood sugar rise quickly, because, as your blood sugar drops again, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol to stabilise it once more. Hari Prasad, M. Remember that it is more difficult to lose belly fat than overall weight — no single technique is adequate. Because your blood sugar isn’t allowed to drop, your body will no longer have to ask you for a quick fix.Don’t eat on the run.Don’t skip breakfast.Add protein to each meal.

Depression​: Depression is a proven cause of obesity and belly fat. People with depression put on weight much faster than those who are not. However, this predisposition is more in women. Women with a waist circumference of more than 35 inches and men with a waist circumference of more than 40 inches are at increased risk. This will stop those roller-coaster highs and sugar cravings. It tells your body that time is scarce, you are under pressure and stressed. MEDICATIONS: Some medications like cortisol and prednisolone, when used for medium to long periods, result in accumulation of belly fat.— As told to Usha Munshiend-ofTags: lifestyle.How to get rid of belly fat? Ditch your diet and stop counting calories, otherwise your body will think there’s a famine and will raise stress levels, which contribute to fat storage.

Age: As we get older, the metabolism in our bodies decreases and the excess calories starts getting accumulated as fat. If you do, your body immediately registers famine and holds on to your stores of fat. Why this Bulge? Diet: Consuming too many calories without adequate activity to burn them, results in accumulation of fat.Women: After menopause, there is a change in the hormonal status of a woman that results in weight gain, particularly around the abdomen.D. The rigours of studying medicine made me bid goodbye to sports and I have consistently put on weight around my belly, and despite my best efforts, the accumulated fat refuses to go

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Achieved By Any Other Country

According to Yash, the demand for Khadi globally is around $4-5 billion and the major countries buying the fabric are Japan, Europe, US and UK, where it is used for furnishing as well as garment making. Ritu Kumar believes that the designing has to be simple when making garments out of Khadi.” With the introduction of solar-powered charkhas, the production has China Rectangle PVC placemat Manufacturers gone up from 8 to 16%. So now, the production has become a challenge. When it’s woven in a handloom, the fabric gets a non-regimented, rough, rustic texture, which cannot be achieved by any other country or any other place unless they go through the handspun process. In order to overcome the challenge, a new kind of Khadi has come into the market called ‘Poly Khadi’.

Yash Arya, founder of I Am Khadi says, “Since PM Narendra Modi started promoting Khadi globally, the demand has increased. “The thing is that we aren’t producing as much Khadi as we want in the country.end-ofTags: khadi clothes, lakme fashion week. Today, almost 100 years later, Khadi continues to be the pride of our country.Images for representational purposes only. Also, because most of the fabric is handmade, there are inconsistencies in the quality and production speed of the fabric. Although an indigenous industry, Khadi making has undergone a significant amount of changes over the years, as there has been a reduction in the number of people working in the industry. Now it has been innovated on and a motor, which works on solar energy, has been fitted. Ritu Kumar believes that if popularised, the Khadi industry can create more employment opportunities for the poor.

The silhouettes should not be restricted to kurtas and Nehru jackets, but should be expanded to contemporary wear so that modern men and women can make the garments a part of their everyday wardrobe. This gives it an uneven quality.THE ASIAN AGE. One person cannot work for hours without a break. Another innovation in the Khadi industry has been the introduction of the New Model Charkha (NMC) with eight to 16 spindles. He says, “The original NMC is operated by hand. In this, an alternate thread is used, one made by the machine and one woven by hand and the hand to machine ratio is 66:33. Also, the women who are making this fabric are in the age group of 35-40 years, because the younger generation isn’t joining this industry.” As the fashion industry looks for sustainable options, Khadi is quickly becoming a sought-after favourite. Hence, the industry was forced to innovate.

Since the fabric is created by yarn spun by hand, it has a rough texture. The government has to initiate more sources of income because this gives work to the poor in villages. Our country too can use more Khadi, as it’s the biggest consumer of fabrics in the world,” she concludes.Khadi became an important part of the freedom struggle after Mahatma Gandhi championed its use during the Swadeshi movement. Known as the fabric of India, this age-old fabric has undergone significant changes to make it a part of the contemporary fashion world. And the benefit of Poly Khadi is that it is more uniform, has better strength, is more sanitized and the quality is also superior.

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A Debacle At The Box Office

Anaarkali of AarahFrom character roles in some of the biggest hits, Swara Bhasker jumped to the women-centric bandwagon and carried the film on her shoulders with the film. Thanks to FCAT, the film released, and the stories of four women and their desires were appreciated. Both Zaira Wasim, who chases her dreams of becoming a singer while her patriarchal and overbearing father is hell-bent on disallowing it, and her mother Meher Vij, who backs her daughter in her dreams China Wholesale pvc woven placemat while battling domestic violence and chauvinism, stood out in this film.MomThe much-awaited comeback film of Sridevi also revolved around a similar plot as ‘Maatr’, but that’s where the similarity ends.

The film was critically acclaimed and even managed to earn decent numbers, garnering more than Rs 15 crores at the box office. Taapsee Pannu39;s transformation from a girl-next-door to crossing paths with spies and higher authorities and rubbing shoulders with criminals was intense. The character portrayals of Ratna Pathak Shah, who fantasises for a young man, Plabita Borthakur, who frees herself from her orthodox Muslim family by wearing jeans and make-up, Aahana Kumra, who detests the concept of arranged marriage and wants to live a free life with her boyfriend and Konkona Sen Sharma, who faces a battle in the form of her dominating husband and secretly takes up jobs, carries out abortions were all against the set conventions. Critics lavished praises on Sridevi though it got mixed reviews overall, and the film went on to do decent business, earning more than Rs 30 crores at the box office.

2017 saw several movies where the sole responsibility of the film rested on the lead actress’ shoulders as they played some powerful characters.Here we take a look at the 10 strongest women character portrayals this year, irrespective of their films’ box office, critical acclaim and the appreciation their performances garnered.Bollywood actresses have come a long way since being just an eye-candies or arm candies to the heroes, and today, a number of films are being written keeping them in mind and with them in the lead. Shraddha, who is not necessarily known for her acting skills, and the film were both panned by the critics, and the Apoorva Lakhia starrer was a debacle at the box office.Lipstick Under My BurkhaThe Alankrita Shrivastava directorial had a run-in with a censor board, who refused to certify the ‘lady-oriented’ film and that it itself reveals how 39;bold39; the story was.

While Kirti got decent to good reviews for her act, the film only got mixed reviews and was a debacle at the box office.Haseena ParkarShraddha Kapoor stepped into the shoes of the controversial character Haseena Parkar, sister of dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim in this one.Naam ShabanaFrom a bit role in ‘Baby’ to getting a spin-off based solely on her, the film was achievement enough for feminism. As the centre of attraction of the village as a singer, who mouths songs with double-meaning lyrics, Swara Bhasker is treated like a sex worker.MaatrThis Raveena Tandon starrer had not created much buzz before the release, but became a talking point after it hit the theatres.Indu SarkarThis Madhur Bhandarkar directorial became a part of multiple controversies and became a battle between BJP and Congress as it was set in the Emergency period. It, however, didn39;t make much of an impact at the box office.

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Linkages For Marketing The Products

Over 70 weavers are said to have committed suicide in Varanasi due to the vicious cycle of debt and poverty. Many of them live below the poverty line. The weavers are given credit by middlemen and/or traders for the purchase of raw materials like yarn, threads or zari.According to the data from the ministry of textiles, there are 43. In post-Independent India, successive governments have taken special measures to protect and promote India’s rich handloom textile industry through legislative and institutional mechanisms, tax incentives and other financial measures; by setting up cooperatives and linkages for marketing the products, by reserving products within handloom categories to eliminate competition with mass-produced textiles and through various other methods.

For the first time in Independent India, khadi has been taxed under GST. Out of these 43. With demonetisation, the cash disappeared and credit stopped. At one stroke, a millennia-old tradition was reversed.end-ofTags: handloom, gst, demonetisation, mahatma gandhi, handloom industry.The Indian textile industry is one of the world’s oldest. Super-fine cotton fabric called muslin, known in ancient Rome as ventus textilis (the woven wind), was a highly-coveted item.

In India, the colonial administration not only discouraged the indigenous textile industry, but flooded the Indian market with cheap mill-produced Lancashire textiles.PHandloom is not merely an economic activity. By a rough estimate, 61 per cent of weavers work independently, 34 per cent work under master weavers, and China vinyl tufted car carpet Manufacturers only five per cent work through cooperatives and clusters. Demonetisation hit all small and medium-scale industries in the informal sector, but the handloom sector suffered an even bigger blow

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